Essex Branch AGM 8th May 2018 Minutes of the meeting.


Minutes of AGM 8th May 2018

Meeting opened at 20:38

Number of members present: 18

Apologies of absence:
None received in writing

Agreed minutes of last meeting:
Proposed & Seconded: John Birch & Graham Adams
All members present voted in favour

Matters arising from last meeting minutes: Nil

Chairman’s report: (Barry Boyten)

The branch is doing well with a good membership holding its numbers well.
Rallies we have attended has been very good with Essex again winning best turn out, so keep it up gentlemen and the ladies who attended. The Incider Rally was well attended, also the International in Belgium which was also the Begonia.
Hope that we have a good membership at the Rallies in 2018, especially the Austrian Rally, as they have put on great event previously so please try and attend.
Club BBQ was a great success and well attended.
SUFFOLK BRANCH – 2017 saw the return of the Suffolk Branch thanks to Michael McVey, well done Michael, and then he was asked to run a Suffolk Rally with help from the Essex Branch, and a very good rally was well organised, even with problems of double booking the site. Mikes negotiation skills won the day well done Mike.
Club Supper had a very good turnout, thanks go to all who attended.
RIDE OUTS – These seem to have drifted away, as in my early days in the Branch we had many ride outs on the weekend and also on a Wednesday. What has gone wrong? What can we do to get them back? If any of the members can come up with ideas please let the committee know.
On that note I wish to thank the committee for all their hard work over the year.
Thanks to you all for attending the AGM and safer riding and hope to see you all at the 2018 Rallies.

Barry Boyten – Branch Chairman

Secretaries report: (Alan Throssell)

The last year was a busy time for the branch as 2017 was the 40th anniversary year of the Essex branch, so to celebrate we turned our July annual BBQ/camping weekend into a 40th Anniversary Rally which was well attended, everyone helped make it a success. Prior to this the branch played an important role in being the hands on branch for the NOC White Horse Rally in June 2017. Suffolk branch chairman Mike McVey was the main rally organiser but the main active crew of Essex branch volunteered to assist Mike and help make the rally the success it was.
At the end of August the usual Essex branch mob loaded up their Norton’s to attended the NOC International Rally in Belgium, this was the usual fantastic rally we have come to expect from the NOC European members.
The last rally of the year that Essex branch attended in mass was the Weston-Super-Mare InCider Rally held at a Pontins resort. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed the new idea of rallying within accommodation, although it won’t stop us camping when tents are required I’m sure. The Essex branch was very pleased to walk away from this rally with the George Child Trophy, awarded for having the most members attending the combined 2017 White Horse and InCider Rallies.
October saw our branch annual stand at the Copdock Motorcycle Show, creating plenty of interest in our Nortons on display and time spent promoting the NOC.
The year ended with the branch annual dinner where 30 people booked their place for the evening.

Treasurers Report: (Brian Harriss)
I am pleased to report the Branch made a small profit over expenditure of £ 148.54 which this year is mainly from Branch Subscriptions. The Weeley weekend we covered our costs and made a small profit for our effort. We bought the NOC Annual calendar and sold at cost price. The bank interest was again minimal and added little to the branch funds. The annual dinner the raffle money of £101.00 was donated to the Essex Air Ambulance which the Branch rounded up to £110.00 . Engraving cost to Tropies amounted to £7.50
As our branch funds are close on £2750 I again recommend to the meeting Annual Branch Subscriptions remain at £5.
Treasurers Report Approval:
Proposed & Seconded: Mark Gelsthorpe & Mick Hubbard
All members present voted in favour.

Annual Branch Subscriptions: (Treasurer’s recommendation to stay at £5:00 per year).
Proposed & Seconded: Mike McVey & Roger Beadle
All members present voted in favour.

Election of Officers:
It was proposed that as there are no members standing for election and the present Branch Committee are happy to continue, the members present would vote for the whole committee ‘En Bloc’.
Proposed & Seconded by Mick Hubbard & Mark Gelsthorpe
All members present voted in favour.

Chairman: Barry Boyten
Secretary: Alan Throssell
Treasurer: Brian Harriss
Webmaster: Paul Nicholls
Sub Committee: Derek Fox, Tim Harrison & Roger Beadle

Branch Web site:
Everyone present was happy that nothing required change.

Branch Regalia:
J.B. suggested he’d like to see some more of the branch Tea Towels that we had produced some years ago. Brian Harriss answered that he would look into this and stated that he can sort out anything, if members let him know. Other possible suppliers were mentioned but Brian said that as the present suppliers have our artwork we best to stick with them.

Events – Future Programme:
Branch Camping weekend 27th to 29th July. Members happy to help with organisation as usual.
Copdock Show 7th October 2018. Members agreed to attend with bikes.
Annual Dinner Venue next year. Members agreed they would like to have the annual dinner at the Bell again. Branch secretary to arrange.
Branch runs? Graham Adams has expressed to the secretary his desire to organise some midweek runs. He told members present that he has the next three Wednesday free. There was a general interest in the room so Graham will liaise with the secretary with some arrangements to be emailed out to the members.

Any other Business:
2018 NOC Rallies?
Norton ‘In Steam’ Festival – Weeting Norfolk. 20th to 22nd July. Eleven members in the room showed their interest in attending.
International Rally – Austria 15th to 20th August. At least twelve members in the room showed their interest in attending.
Begonia Rally – Belgium 24th to 26th August. Six members present going.
The Reivers Rally, Waverly Castle Hotel, Melrose in the Scottish lowlands 31st August to 3rd September. Only two members present booked for this event.

Meeting closed at 21:10

Alan Throssell – Essex Branch Secretary